1st SSCVS Coronary Summit

The Inaugural Coronary Summit will address the decision-making for treating the most common type of heart disease and bridge prominent members of a Heart Team (surgeons, clinical cardiologists and interventional cardiologists) to discuss optimal treatment for patients with complex forms of coronary artery disease. Moreover, the new Summit will inform surgeons attendees about the latest developments in coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) techniques presented by experts worldwide.

The 1-day summit will focus on the decision-making within a Heart team between CABG and PCI for patients with complex forms of CAD, the current state of bypass surgery, conduit selection and harvest, graft configuration, determination of the hemodynamic relevance of coronary artery stenosis, low ejection fraction, and perioperative treatment approach to enhance recovery. Audience participation and interactivity will be highly encouraged throughout the meeting sessions.

Course and Program Directors

  • Slobodan Micovic, MD, PhD, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Miroslav Milicic, MD, PhD, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Svetozar Putnik, MD, PhD, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Aleksandar Redzek, MD, PhD, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Miodrag Ostojic, MD, PhD, Beograd, Serbia
  • Petar Otasevic, MD, PhD, Belgrade, Serbia

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the latest clinical trials that compare CABG versus PCI for different forms of complex coronary artery disease
  • Define the Heart Team’s role in treatment decision making and its perspectives in the era of digitalization
  • Discuss advances in coronary artery surgery, including conduit selection, harvesting techniques, and graft configuration
  • Delineate the specific challenges in coronary surgery for a patient with low ventricular ejection fraction.
  • Outline the strategies for enhancing recovery in complex clinical scenarios in bypass surgery

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