From the program

Dear colleagues and friends,

8th Congress of the Serbian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery is close (20-22.10.2017).

One of the main session in this congress will be Joint session with European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery. Host and organizer of this session is professor Lazar Davidovic, at the same me President of the ESCVCS while spekaers are prominent experts in cardiac and vascular surgery that will during this session present State of the Art in treatment and diagnosis of most frequent or controversial topics in cardiac and vascular surgery. This non paralel session will be chaired by President and Vice President of our Society, professor Dusan Kos c and professor Predrag Milojevic. Program of this session is below. Welcome!


  • M. Thielmann, Germany
    Let’s improve our results in adult cardiac surgery – New European Guidelines for Perioperative Medication!
  • M. Matsagkas, Greece
    Chimney EVAR for juxtrarenal aneurysms
  • T. Folliguet, France
    Mitral valve repair with neochords; the added value of peroperative echocardiography
  • P. Kasprzak, Germany
    Postdissection Aneurysms after type B Aortic Dissection
  • F. Doguet, France
    How to standardize mitral valve repair in minimal invasive surgery
  • F. Grego, Italy
    Prons and cons of the hybrid technique for aortic arch aneurysm repair
  • E. Demirsoy, Turkey
    What has happened to total arterial grafting in coronary bypass surgery?
  • D.Palombo, Italy
    Penetrating aortic ulcers
  • Ž. Šutlić, Croatia
    Ministernotomy for aortic stenosis- can it replace TAVI procedure?
  • M. Planinc, Croatia
    Why should young surgeons and trainees be active in the international society
  • L. Davidović, Serbia, ESCVS President
    Challenges of open conversion after TEVAR