Serbian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery – SSCVS, was founded in Belgrade, on the 14th December 2001.

Founding initiative came from surgeons affiliated at Clinic for Cardiac Surgery, Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases, UC Clinical Centre of Serbia, and was kindly supported by distinguished colleagues, from other important national institutions:

As the institution with more than a half century long tradition, where many distinguished Yugoslav and Serbian surgeons have gained their first surgical expirience, the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases UC CCS (formerly “Second Surgical Clinic of Belgrade Medical Faculty”), has a natural obligation and honour to cherish the bright tradition of the Serbian Cardiovascular Surgery, as well as to promote new ideas and initiatives for its progress. National Society, which gathers all institutions, dealing with this important field of Surgery, is the least that we can do.

The essential purpose of this organization is to establish a close scientific and professional link between surgeons and other associates, involved in Cardiovascular Surgery, from the country and abroad.

Moreover, the SSCVS intends to keep a close cooperation with all society segments, institutions and individuals, in order to ensure the adequate promotion and prosperity for this important field of medicine.

Presenting the achievements of Serbian Cardiovascular Surgery in Europe andworldwide, the SSCVS would provide a significant contribution to the efforts, made by our country in ongoing integrative processes.

Acertained that togatherness and altruism could help us creating the bright future for Serbian Cardiovascular Surgery, we cordially invite all colleagues and others, to joinSSVS.

SSCVS Council – 2017-2021:

SSCVS Board Members: